Reader’s Story: My Little Chef

I have two children. A 10 year old daughter Alyssa and an 8 year old son, Adam. Adam never ceases to amaze me! The other day while my husband, Chuck, was at work I was taking a shower. I heard a knock on the bathroom door, and my son calling “MOOOOOOOM!”. My first thoughts were ” Oh great! someone is either hurt, or they are fighting, or he needs to use the bathroom.” Surprisingly, it was none of these. He asked “Can I make myself some eggs?” Well, naturally my first vision of an 8 year old making eggs was not good. So I responded “No buddy wait till I get out, and I will make you some.” To that he said “But I know how to, I watch you and Grandma make them all the time.” It was then that I thought about “My” 8 year old son the one who organizes his clothes drawer, and makes sure when we are packing to go on a trip that we never forget anything, and helps me clean the house, and so on…. After pondering for a second I said “okay, but be careful.”

Eggs and Toast

Chef Adam's perfectly cooked eggs!

After my shower I headed to see what surprise awaited me in the kitchen. There was Adam, with his plate of  2 perfectly cooked over medium eggs sprinkled lightly with salt and lots of pepper (just how he likes it) Along with 2 pieces of toast (one wheat and one potato bread), possibly to add a splash of variety to his meal. I looked around at the kitchen everything was nicely put away even the electric skillet was unplugged. I was so proud of my little chef. I even have a hard enough time making over medium eggs let alone an 8 year old boy. I fully expected to find scrambled up half burnt eggs topped with crunchy egg shell.

So now, he wants to make me what he calls “eggs with a bunch of grilled vegetables” (aka a veggie scramble). I told him he can make it for me Thursday morning, I am so excited to try his creation! Now I am just looking forward to him learning to make dinners… Boy wouldn’t that be GREAT!!

Janette M. ~ Grants Pass, Or


  1. Janette
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 20:44:37

    I thoroughly enjoyed my veggie scramble today. It was really good! It had chopped celery, radish, onion, and mushroom grilled in coconut oil. Scrambled eggs topped with cheddar cheese. Creative and actually very tasty!


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