Enjoy the Summer & Take Your Toddler Fishing

As much as I hate to say it, because I am not a fan of summer heat, there are a lot of great activities to do with your kids in the summer. We have discussed already some activities with toddlers that your little one might enjoy but whether or not your toddler will enjoy fishing depends more on her personal likes and dislikes.

Take Your Toddler Tishing

Take your toddler fishing at the lake, river or ocean - it doesn't matter, just get out there!

Take your toddler fishing!

When Maddie was two I couldn’t help but get her a tiny little fishing pole made for kids — I realized that no matter what we are doing, she feels compelled to join in the fun, and fishing was not going to be any different. We took our poles and headed to a nearby lake where we began fishing. We didn’t put any real lures or hooks on Maddie’s pole but, it had a little bob on the end specifically made for toddler fishing so that when she would cast her line into the lake it felt to her like she was really fishing.

Maddie Fishing

Maddie Fishing

There she stood in her pigtails and bathing suit fishing next to her daddy — one of the sweetest things I’ve seen. We didn’t catch much that day but, but on the days that we have, Maddie loved watching the fish come flying out of the water and wiggling on the rocks. She was even brave enough to touch one!

On one of our coast trips her father and grandfather decided to charter a boat where she couldn’t follow. She was so upset that they were going fishing without her! She really likes it that much. The older she gets though, the more she is beginning to realize that she wants to cast like we do and that she hasn’t caught any fish of her own.

Some toddlers might not find fishing to be as exciting as Maddie, but I have a feeling that most will. It is never too soon to start teaching your kids to fish…

…so, why not take your toddler fishing and allow them the opportunity to enjoy the summer months outdoors.

If you haven’t already, get your toddler a fishing pole and head out for some water. You might find it to be an enjoyable hobby to share with your toddler or child. Even if you are not big on the worms and grime, there are ways to get around that. Just sit back in the beautiful surroundings waiting for that thrill of catching your first fish of the day.

Do you have a hobby you like to share with your child? Tell us about it in our comments or write your own adventure story.

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