Playing Toddler Games Online Can Be A Good Way To Learn

Our kids are much more computer savvy than we were at their age — or even are now.

Remember when we barely knew how to turn the thing on and we were afraid that it would “crash” if we touched it. Well things are very different now. Our kids are even learning on a day to day basis from computers: taking tests, learning to type, and so on.

Toddler Games Online

There are many places to find some fun toddler games online ... Just make sure you watch how much time you allow your child to spend playing games online.

There is no doubt a debate whether our children spending so much time with electronics is a good or bad thing. I believe it can be both, it just depends on the monitoring. Obviously, countless hours of gaming or “surfing” that takes away from family time, physical activities, or homework time may not be the best thing for our kids. But on the other side of things we see that the world is turning more and more to electronics for teaching our children. Whether they are young preschoolers or going into college there are electronic tools to make learning easier.

Fun Toddler Games Online

For Maddie we decided a little allotted game time would be beneficial. One of the sites she loves the most isĀ This site provides tons of different activities and games for your preschool children and are all geared toward learning, not just time wasting. They have games that teach hand-eye coordination, shapes, sizes, opposites, colors, numbers and letters and even a little bit of different languages. They also have a create section where your child can create many different art pieces and then print them out.

Maddie enjoys this site so much she doesn’t even realize she is learning with every game she plays. In fact, she has learned many things about using a computer as well.

She has figured out how to open the internet and click on her game bookmark in the toolbar and select which games she would like to play by seeing us do it for her many times. She knows how to adjust the volume on the speakers and how to use the the arrow keys and space bar for her games, all just by observing us. It goes to show just how much they really do learn from watching us, and how important good examples are!

Another place for fun toddler games online is This website provides games and educational videos of their favorite PBS kid shows. Maddie’s favorite game is the Curious George one (being that they have so much in common) that teaches about mixing colors, patterns, estimating, math, physics and more.

She also likes watching the dinosaur train videos which teach about the different dinosaurs and the things they did.

What Playing Toddler Games Online Can Teach

Some of the videos on these sites teach life lessons such as sharing, problem solving, and compromise; basically things that young children need to learn going into school or even just having a sibling. We have been working on these things with Maddie since she will be a big sister soon and these games and videos just reinforce these thoughts for your child.

Many sites have songs or phrases that your toddler can remember and use day-to-day. Some Maddie uses are “Seat belts, so we can be safe.”, and the song “share, share, share.” We use these as reminders that she enjoys and agrees with since they come from her world when she isn’t wanting to cooperate.

With limitation and monitoring, you can make playing toddler games online a fun, new way for your child to learn through electronic devices and it can be exciting just how much they learn. When you make learning fun they absorb and remember more. Its free and educational so check out these learning tools yourself and see what your child learns in just a short period of time.

Let us know about any great learning or activity sites that you have found or what you thought of the ones shared here.


  1. jeremy.smith
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 22:50:34

    Ha Ha! I loved those learning games when I was a kid. I still remember my favorites, Reader Rabbit, Gizmos and Gadgets, and the one where that dude in the blue jacket and red cap walks around the school and has to spell different words to solve a mystery. I think my favorite one of all though was The Island of Dr. Brain (see intro here: – I wish I could still play it now!


  2. betsy21
    May 23, 2011 @ 00:31:18

    Well things are very different now. Our kids are even learning on a day to day basis from computers.Whether they are young preschoolers or going into college there are electronic tools to make learning easier.


  3. Faith @ Breastmama
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 02:23:14

    Times really have changed. Although, because my mom was a teacher, I did grow up playing games on the computer (Oregon Trail, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego) but children playing games online and even video games at a much younger age is something that’s become increasingly popular. Our kids know their way around computers, iPods, video game systems and more like it’s nothing.

    I do think it’s great that technology has advanced and given them a chance to learn at a different level but, it’s also important for them to still get outside a play – that’s something we don’t see much of anymore.


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