Maddie Hates Clothes – What 3 Year Old Doesn’t?

One of my great joys of motherhood was hearing my first child would be a girl … a girl I could treat like my little dolly. Dress her up, take her everywhere just like a little girl would bring her doll.

My mom and I went the next day after finding out she was a girl and picked out every girly, frilly, little thing we could find. Yes, we are those people. Now per my husbands simple request, I easily agreed not to go too girly, such as princess everything. We both agreed to do more of a laid-back surfer girl style, but I could still dress her up. I bought so many foo-foo dresses and headbands – just waiting to dress up my little girl.

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Taking Mom Holidays – You Need Free Time & Your Family Will Benefit

Surely, before you had kids you heard people say that being a mom is and will be the hardest job you will ever do. After you became a mom you quickly realized they were right. It cannot be compared to any full-time job, even one with over-time, because as a mom you literally are never relieved of your duty; there is no time card to swipe out. There are no weekends, evenings, lunch hours and so on, only 24/7 around the clock care.

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Delicious & Easy Nutella Recipes: A Wonton Dessert

Since cooking is one of my favorite things to do I am always on the look out for new recipes or ingredients.

There are endless possibilities for delicious Nutella recipes!

I have recently been introduced to Nutella, a spread made of hazelnuts, chocolate, and skim milk. I love the taste of hazelnut anything so I had to find some recipes I could use it in. What I found was that the amount of Nutella recipes are endless. There are so many things you can use it for including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

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Playing Toddler Games Online Can Be A Good Way To Learn

Our kids are much more computer savvy than we were at their age — or even are now.

Remember when we barely knew how to turn the thing on and we were afraid that it would “crash” if we touched it. Well things are very different now. Our kids are even learning on a day to day basis from computers: taking tests, learning to type, and so on.

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How to Help Obese Toddlers – Realistic & Practical Steps

As a country and even throughout the world, we have come to realize that we are facing a crisis when it comes to our health and especially our weight. Really it has gone too far as we are no longer affecting just ourselves; we are hurting our children and our future generation. What are the(…)

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A Summer Beach Vacation With Kids

One of Maddie’s favorite places in the world is the beach. She has known it since she was very small, which is just one of the reasons we take a trip to the coast many times a year. Maddie has been going to the beach for her entire existence¬† — her first summer beach vacation(…)

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Show Your Kids Google’s Home Page Today!

Google’s home page today (9/07/2010) has different colored balls spelling GOOGLE. When you roll your mouse over them they go everywhere. The kids will have a few minutes of fun moving the mouse around all the balls. My son thought it was pretty cool. Nichole D

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Healthy & Easy to Make Kids Recipes

I think these days we are all trying to eat a little healthier as well as trying to get our kids to. Here are two easy to make kids recipes that your kids will love and they will never even think of them as being “healthy.” One of Maddie’s, and I think most kids’ favorite(…)

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Terrible Twos VS Thunderous Threes – Which Age is Worse?

The great debate: Which age is worse, Two or Three? Is it the terrible twos with the screaming, crying fits, or the thunderous threes with the attitude and sudden outbursts? We’ll let you be the judge! With Maddie her twos were so horrific I’m not sure who cried more, me or her. Let’s get into(…)

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Win a $25 Gift Certificate to Toys R Us – Free Entry!

Our End of Summer Giveaway!

We are going to do a blind drawing at the end of the month for a $25 gift certificate to Toys R Us. You can use the certificate online at or print it out and take it into a store.

For each point you get, you receive a chance to win — the more points you have, the greater your chance of winning. Click to read more and enter to win!

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5 Fun Summer Adventures Outdoor for the Whole Family

Summer may be nearing its end, but we still have plenty of time to squeeze in any last activities with our kids. Especially if our children are heading back to school, we will want to go have some fun while we still can! If you have older children too here are some activities that everyone(…)

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What is The Best Ice Cream Brand in Oregon?

What better way is there to end a long work week and head into a hot weekend than with a discussion about ice cream? I think pretty much every kid loves ice cream! Some more than others, but still most do. Maddie is no different. Before she could even speak well, she had honed in(…)

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Enjoy the Summer & Take Your Toddler Fishing

As much as I hate to say it, because I am not a fan of summer heat, there are a lot of great activities to do with your kids in the summer. We have discussed already some activities with toddlers that your little one might enjoy but whether or not your toddler will enjoy fishing(…)

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Physical and Fun Activities With Toddlers

Don’t toddlers have an incredible reserve when it comes to their energy supply? I know mine keeps me going from the time she awakes to the time she sleeps. These toddler years though are so important in our child’s development – much too important for us to rely on the TV, computer or video games(…)

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