National Dance Day is July 30, 2011!

There are many efforts being made to get this country in shape and change the pattern for our children and one great way of doing that is being sponsored with National Dance Day. This is a day that the country can come together with imagination and creative expression in order to promote dance education and physical fitness. “It’s a wonderful way to stay healthy and have fun whilst doing it,”said National Dance Day creator and SYTYCD Executive Producer/Judge Nigel Lythgoe.

National Dance Day - July 30, 2011

National Dance Day is July 30, 2011

It encourages ones young and old to get out and move whether families or organizations. You can arrange a dance mob and earn money for a dance education charity or any other that you like or just dance in you living room. Dance is a prefect form of exercise to get your children into as it allows them to have fun, be creative, and workout all at the same time. Maddie is a huge advocate of dance. She actually spends a huge amount of time everyday just dancing around the house singing princess songs.

For ideas ranging from hard to easy for dance day check out the So You Think You Can Dance link below and get moving with your family!

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