Turkey or Ham – Why Not Both?

With the great prices on turkey and ham during the fall and winter you pretty much have to make one of each. Some stores even offer discounts for shopping at their store such as spend $100 in groceries and they will give you a turkey or sell you one at a small price per pound.

Ham Dinner Recipe

Turkey or Ham Dinner? Why not both!

Last year I was able to get a turkey for around $3 just for buying groceries I needed anyway – so I bought two and saved one for the summer. Turkey in the summer might sound odd but we did not cook it the traditional way in the oven for several hours. We took it over to my parents and deep fried it. I liked turkey just fine the traditional way but when I smelled and tasted the deep fried version I was in love.

If you decide to try this you must proceed with extreme caution because it is kind of dangerous. You want to make sure that you have a nice wide open space outdoors away from your house. You may even keep a fire-extinguisher near by, not to scare you but safe than sorry right? You will also need a 40- 60 quart pot with basket, propane tank, burner, deep fry thermometer, meat thermometer, and 3 1/2 to 5 gallons of canola oil depending on the size of your turkey. You should not use a bird larger than 15 lbs for this.

To determine how much oil is needed put your turkey on a turkey hanger or in the basket placing it in the pot. Fill with water until it covers the turkey by about two inches. Then remove your turkey and measure your water level, that is how much oil you will need to heat; dry everything thoroughly. It is important to have a completely defrosted, dry turkey before placing in hot oil. It will take around 30 minutes to heat your oil to 350′ and no higher; check with your fry thermometer, then slowly lower in turkey. Estimate about 3 minutes per pound and then check the temp of the breast with your meat thermometer. The breast should be 170′ and the thighs should be 180′.

You never want to leave this cooking area unattended and keep an eye on your turkey because they do cook fast.

Now for the best ham I have ever had. Just read the title and you know its going to be good!

Maple-Pecan Glazed Ham Dinner Recipe

1 spiral sliced ham, 2 ounces pecan halves, 1- 12 oz jar orange marmalade, 1-8 oz bottle pure maple syrup, 1 tblsp butter.

Preheat oven to 300′ and remove all packaging from ham. Line your baking dish with 2 pieces of foil in an x and place ham on its side in the middle, wrapping tightly in foil. Insert meat thermometer and bake until it reaches 140′. Approx. 15 minutes per pound. While ham is baking toast pecans and start glaze. Combine marmalade and syrup then heat on medium until bubbly, stirring often. Whisk in butter until smooth and add pecans. In the last 15 minutes of baking unwrap ham and baste with the glaze. Leave uncovered for remaining time.

Sorry to say it but this recipe even beats out grandma’s recipe unless you are partial to it. I must admit this is not one of my own tweaked recipes, it is from a magazine but it really is delicious.

So if you decide to try one or both of these recipes let us know what you think!

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