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Welcome to our site!

This site is not based solely upon my expertise, experiences or advice for parenting…

This site gives advice for parenting, shares new ideas and discovered products that are helpful in raising little ones, showcases baby adventures, tells short stories about kids – you name it – if it has to do with the wonderful experience of being a mother, father, brother, sister or grandparent, we hope you can find something enjoyable!

Advice for Parenting - Maddies Adventures

This is one of our first real 'adventures' with Madison - Maui, Hawaii, 2008

A little about me…

I am 25 years old and have lived in beautiful Oregon my whole life. Some make fun of this state but that may be because they have never been here. It is a breathtaking environment that I feel blessed to be a part of.

I have always wanted to be a mom because there is nothing like unconditional love and butterfly kisses. Yes, at my age Madison is my 1st and only child but I have found many adventures in her young heart that were too good not to be shared. That is when I realized there should be one place for all moms to share their trials & triumphs, adventures & ideas and their discoveries & findings. Let’s laugh and raise awareness together knowing we are not alone in this great world of parenting.

I am currently expecting my 2nd daughter and I am sure this process will bring even more adventure to the scene.

I feel that life in general is one big adventure to be had. I live for family. I dream of being a creative person, trying new things, and going new places. I look forward to all the adventures my children & life throw my way and I can’t wait to hear yours.

I Encourage As Many Comments As Possible…

One goal of this site is to expand upon ideas presented in the posts by commenting. I encourage others to interact and answer questions in the comment section. We do not use CommentLuv but we do use Do Follow, so comment away! It would be great to build a community here that we all benefit from.

As you may notice – we’re just starting out here. You will see a section to comment under each post. Click here to see the latest posts: Maddie’s Adventure blog. We need your help! Let’s grow this site into something fun.

Let us share your story, give your advice for parenting and show your friends!

Let’s build a community of readers and writers. We all have stories – let’s share them. Sharing a story or adventure is what keeps them alive and fresh in our hearts and minds, sparks ideas and gives us perspective.

It will look as if your comment gets posted on the blog immediately after you hit submit, but if you come back to that post in a minute or so your comment will look like it just vanished – Don’t worry, it’s saved and waiting for me to moderate and approve before it shows up on the site. I try to approve them as soon as possible …Don’t think your comments have to give advice for parenting or be spectacular, I only need to “approve” them to ensure the cleanliness of the site!

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9 Responses to “About Maddie’s Adventures”

  1. Jami G says:

    Five Stars! Great place to share the joys, struggles, ideas, concerns, and solutions of parenthood with other moms in a great environment.

  2. Janette M says:

    Love reading all of the funny little stories, plus it’s great to have a place to connect with other moms, get recipes and idea’s. Thank you!

  3. I think one of life’s hardest careers is being a parent. I am not even talking about being a “good” parent, but being a parent in general. It is such a subjective and hard adjustment for anyone. The most rewarding part is we live for these small moments like the photo.


    • So true Leslie! It seems like we are always under the scrutiny of others and there are so many opinions out there … I think whatever works best for you and your family is the route to take!

    • Fred M. says:

      Even I can relate to that. I tried to read books as well, but nothing really prepares you for the real thing. Still, with all the little things, being a parent is very rewarding.

  4. John Parent says:

    I really liked your comment about being blessed to live in Oregon! I agree, it’s something that us Oregonians just love and feel at home! I lived in Utah for 5 years for shcool and I don’t think I could have felt more welcome and at ease when I moved home! Great post!!

  5. Denise says:

    I love Oregon! It’s so green. It’s kind of the opposite climate of San Diego (where I live), but both have their natural beauty.

    I know what you mean about wanting to share the moments of joy that children bring. They almost feel like they’re overflowing your heart sometimes. And children help us rediscover things that we had forgotten were amazing: the beach, a colorful display of produce, butterflies, riding a bike, etc.

    Some of the best resources online are the stories of other parents, because they’ve been in the situations first hand. I love to share how I best overcame things so others don’t have to struggle through quite as much, and I love hearing great parenting tips that really work!

    Thanks for sharing,


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