A Healthier Way of Living

So, a lot has changed since my last post. I gave myself some time off to re-appreciate the simplicity and happiness of writing which is hard to do while raising two small children and working through life’s issues.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

After spending some time doing personal research and watching some documentaries (yes, I am a doc junkie, can’t get enough of ’em) things started to come to light for my family. One such thing is how we always feel bloated and suffer stomach aches following eating any kind of bread/pasta product. We have since been doing our best to switch most things over to gluten-free. If you are like I was it doesn’t sound that fun, how can gluten-free be anywhere near as good as what we have been eating for centuries? Here’s the story.

My family was delighted to find these new items were just as good if not BETTER than the old gluten filled stuff. Buckwheat waffles have more flavor, coconut flour cookies were yummy, and quinoa pasta tasted just the same as regular. We were not missing much come to find out. Getting closer to nature really did taste good.

So that was step one, step two consisted of the documentary. It informed us just HOW bad sugar AND fake sugar are for us. I mean, we all know its not good for us as we sneak a little something but it is really turning into a toxin in our bodies. Yes, it is poisoning you. How do you suppose your body defends itself? By creating extra fat cells to trap the toxins. Now, you may know someone who is skinny and eats their fair share of treats. Let me explain. The more un-natural white, sugary junk, alcohol, etc. we put in our bodies the more toxins. The more toxins, the more our bodies stop working correctly. It is effecting your liver which flushes toxins, your kidneys, you get the picture. So if you are a person who eats mostly healthy with the occasional treat then you may not be as affected as the carb addict, alcoholic, or junk food junkie.

Another thing that added up for me was that you cannot simply “workout” and burn those fat cells. I am in no way saying that it is bad for you because it is not, it’s great for you. But you will not lose the weight if you don’t lose the junk. Surprisingly, that doesn’t just mean the soda, cake, and fries. It means eliminating as many toxins as possible. Now, given the chance your body can detox naturally if there are no new toxins added. However, we forget about the hormones in meats, the antibiotics in dairy, the pesticides sprayed on our produce, the chemicals in our make-up and daily hygiene products. They are all adding up inside of us determining our mood, looks, and the way we feel.

That’s how we came to be an organic family, as best we can anyway.

Here are some more tips on staying away from the dreaded “white” food  products: Use organic honey, agave, or maple syrup to sweeten almost anything from coffee to cookies. Use almond, buckwheat or coconut flour. Use quinoa pastas, steel cut oats, and red potatoes.

I think that you will find, as we have, that you will feel much better if you try this lifestyle change for yourself, just remember to make these changes slowly so it is an easier transition.

Stay tuned for some great new recipes and revisions. 🙂

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