Having a New Baby in the House

If you have been following this blog at all you may have noticed that my last post was in November and about turkey. The reason being is toward the end of my pregnancy I just plain felt horrible all of the time. Getting through my regular chores and keeping up with a 3 year old was wearing me out fast. On top of it all I was not sleeping well at all. So needless to say I was not inspired to type a single word. I would think of things I wanted to share but had no motivation to write.

New Baby in the House

Having a new baby in the house is both fun and hard work!

With this said I have also been busy with my newborn of whom was born in January, 5 days early. We named her Zoe Claire and she was another little peanut at 5lbs 10 oz. She had dark hair and dark eyes and a much darker skin color than her sister. It is amazing to find out how different your children can be from each other. Maddie was born very white with copper hair and light blue/grey eyes which are now light blue. Zoe has so far been much more of an eater than Maddie and therefore kept me pretty exhausted for many months.

Its funny how you quickly forget how hard it is to have someone depending on you solely for everything. Then you add the 3 year old on top of that and you have created chaos. Every time you sit down to nurse the baby the older one needs something immediately whether it is a drink of water or their bottom wiped. On top of that I have a smart very energetic child in Maddie. I kept promising her that when the baby was born I would feel better and have more energy to play with her and she remembered that. She was expecting me to play with her all day, every day. I did my best, lets say that but her boundless energy cooped up in the winter months was more than I was prepared for.

Now no one told me that with your second baby your after birth cramps are so much worse than with the first one. It took weeks for me to not feel like I had a c-section because every little movement caused pain in my gut. So be prepared if you are pregnant with your second child and don’t say you weren’t warned. On the brighter side there are a lot of things that are easier like nursing and feeling more comfortable with your newborn. Weigh loss, not as easy.  Running to the market with a toddler and a baby, not so easy. But watching your toddler ogle and adore their new sibling is so priceless that every pain and every worry are so worth it. You have so much fun watching and comparing what they look like and how they behave and when your older child did this versus the second. If you have same sex siblings it is a blessing to pull out saved outfits and use them again reminiscing about your first baby wearing it.

Another thing no one prepared me for was the difference between deliveries and I am not talking about the “actual” delivery but the way people react toward it. With Madison everyone couldn’t wait to see the ultrasound and we were told to call as soon as we found out what it was.  They waited at the hospital or around the general area waiting for her to be born. They came in with balloons and flowers and gifts. I was even brought my craving at 9 at night. The next day we had more visitors who oooed and awwed. I had meals arranged for me for a week by loving friends and family. With Zoe limited family went to the ultra sound and no one cared what it was. No one called or came to the hospital except my parents and sisters and no one arranged meals. It is almost like people just want to see if you make cute or ugly kids with your first one and once they find out they no longer care how many you have, what sex it is, or what you do with it. So there is your second warning. To make it worse we now live in a different town with Zoe than we did with Maddie and it is harder for my parents to come visit. I wouldn’t give my beautiful little Claire bear up for the world though.

So as you can tell my experience this time around wasn’t as glorified as the 1st time but now that I feel I have given my fair warnings 😉 I will have a more fun post next on how to lose the baby weight. So stay tuned for lots of summer recipes and crazy baby fun as well as healthy fitness ideas for the whole family.

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