Colds Are Not Just Colds In This House

Thankfully and by some miracle, Madison made the first year of her life without getting even a sniffle. I was thinking, wonderful she must have a great immune system. However, as soon as she hit one year old she got a horrible flu virus that ran through her violently. Since then it seems like she catches everything that is going around despite my efforts of cleanliness and healthy vitamin intake. She has had everything from fifth’s disease to a diarrhea virus – no, not fun. It is bad enough that I am one of those parents who stresses hard about my child being sick or not getting enough sleep until she is completely well, but she also can’t even “get a cold” without it turning into something major!

Get Well Soon Balloon

I'm getting "sick"of receiving these "Get Well Soon" balloons - not that I don't appreciate them, I just really wish we didn't need them.

It turns out that there are people in this world who are allergic to the mucus their body produces during a cold or flu. So when Madison gets a cold, she gets a slight fever, appetite decreases, and she sometimes will throw up from the coughing – for several nights. Her coughs last for weeks,  making me always take her into the Dr. to make sure it doesn’t develop into bronchitis or pneumonia. Thankfully, it has not turned into either one of those – but the throwing up would worry me that she would lose weight or become dehydrated.

In most homes colds are just an everyday thing you deal with and get over, especially with small children around. In our house though, it is a different story. A cold means many sleepless nights and many days of suffering for Maddie. I am happy to report that the Dr. said it is something most people grow out of and that someday she may just “get a cold” and be fine.

She has already been improving, but it is still a battle.

Now for the second half of this story where I always get what she has. I had found a good variety of vitamins and herbs that seemed to keep me pretty healthy, but being pregnant, you can’t really take any of those. Now, every time Maddie gets sick, I get sick. This last time I thought I was lucky enough to skate by without catching this little cold but instead it just waited a week. At first my throat was killing me for two days but then it hit my sinuses with a fury, leading to a sinus infection.

I usually hate dentists - not them personally, of course!

I usually hate dentists - not them personally, of course, but this is all I can picture when I think of going in.

During all of this, at age 25, one of my wisdom teeth decided to come in. Since your sinuses are somehow connected to your wisdom teeth, I then ended up with a sinus infection and an infection around my tooth. The pain, misery, and lack of sleep were almost too much to bear for this pregnant woman. I couldn’t yawn, eat, or do anything without horrible pain. If you have ever had an infected tooth you know what I am talking about! The pain is right up there with the healing of child birth. It throbbed down my neck, up into my temple, and made that whole side of mouth swollen, including my throat.

After finally dragging myself to the dentist, he said the tooth would have to come out. I was given anti-biotics for the infection, which I didn’t know pregnant women could have, and was happily on my way to recovery. In just a few days the cold I had for a week and the pain in my jaw started to subside.

Now for the pulling of the tooth. I was so not looking forward to this process as I had one pulled once already and it didn’t go so well. Instead of referring me to a surgeon as my new dentist did, he decided to do the extraction himself. I walked out of there about 3 hours later with a tear in the corner of my mouth and then it got infected. So needless to say I was not looking forwards to doing it again. This time however, I was shocked and amazed that I was in the surgeon’s office for a total of thirty minutes, from beginning to end.

Once the numbing had taken effect, the surgeon came in and said “you will feel some pressure” – famous saying nobody looks forward to!

Less than a minute later the tooth was out and there was no pain. What a relief. I went home and didn’t even have to take a Tylenol.

What a couple of weeks, let me tell you. All from a supposed simple cold. Colds are not just colds in this house!

What is a cold like in your house?

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