Every Parents’ Nightmare – Fixing A Clogged Toilet!

As adults we know that toilets can be delicate when it comes to what will cause them to over-flow. And as parents, we know the risk increases with each child. Every time children go into the bathroom you’re hoping that the faucet will be turned off all the way, the floor will be dry, and the toilet will have flushed properly. Potty training is a stressful time in a parents’ life – hoping to always make it to the potty before an accident occurs and teaching children how much paper, soap, etc to use.

Fixed Clogged Toilet

There is actually an easy, very inexpensive way to fix a clogged toilet! Just keep reading - we'll let you in on the "secret" solution.

Sometimes our children come up with things we just cannot predict or guess. A friend of mine’s favorite story is of how his daughter flushed a grapefruit, yes, a grapefruit! I’m sure that at some point during potty training we have all had to pull toys out of the bowl, or at least hope to before they are flushed down, clogging the toilet. We all keep those rubber gloves that go up to your elbows in the house when we have children because we never know what mess will happen next.

It finally happened to us – our toilet was clogged!

We thought that we were heading toward the end of potty training and we were quite thankful that we only had to remove one bouncy ball from the bowl. Then it happened. My husband walked in to use the bathroom and saw the clogged toilet. Naturally, we just thought that it was a result of too much paper and grabbed our super-duper plunger to unclog the toilet. I recommend this black beauty of a plunger because it “usually” works great under normal circumstances and has minimal splash back like the $.99 plungers give you. After quite a while of my husband plunging and flushing we got no where and finally went to bed to figure it out on less foggy brains the next day. We asked Maddie what she put in there and the answer we got was baby wipes. Oh great, baby wipes are known for clogging toilets.

Now, I knew there were things called pipe snakes so I called the local hardware and asked if they had anything of the sort before I wasted a trip and they assured me they did have the perfect tool. Unfortunately they were closed by the time I headed down there after my errands, yeah on Sunday everyone closes early. So I made my way to Walmart, since it was the closest, with crossed fingers hoping they would have something. Sure enough, they had an auger for $5.97. Delighted with the price and the fact that they had one, I took home my prize to my husband who was also delighted. This would cure everything! This awkward tool that you cram down the hole of your toilet and turn a handle would fix our problem, right? Not so much.

Worried that we were going to have to call a plumber, I anxiously began my internet search of how to unclog a clogged toilet. I knew there had to be some way to get the job done with out opening our wallet and “flushing” a huge chunk of change down the drain. 😀

The best of the “clogged toilet solutions”

The one solution that kept coming up over and over was hot water. Hot water, really? How does that make a difference? But after seeing it dozens of times for many different kinds of plugs I said “what the heck, lets give it a try.” One of the ideas suggested adding dish soap and then hot water to the bowl, after it was mostly drained and let it sit for a little while. After a few minutes we flushed and it filled up. We flushed, and it filled up again! It had said to plunge a little if the initial flush did not work so we plunged. It took a long, effort filled plunging but then we heard the blessed sound of it all going down. This idea had actually worked! Who knew?! Now we could actually sleep in peace knowing that we were not calling a plumber.

Next time you have a stubborn clog, try this method and it just might work for you too. We used around a quart of hot water and a couple tablespoons of dish soap. I even read that sometimes this method has to be repeated a few times but it worked for us on the first try. Always use caution when trying something new like this. If it is a more serious problem it could make it worse. What I read said it worked on multiple problems like personal products, too much paper, baby wipes, and most small toys.

So, when your little one gives you a clogged toilet you can give them a hug because you have a great, easy method of fixing it. If you have a comment or funny story relating to this topic, let us know!


  1. Kevin McMillian
    Nov 07, 2010 @ 01:31:48

    So I’ve tried this, obviously, and it works – who would’ve thought!

    As I was plunging away and honestly thought all hope was lost, I cracked a joke about how I “wasn’t going to lose ’em” — and what do you know – drainage!


  2. Melissa Bradley
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 19:14:59

    I am working on this right now! I have been plunging off and on since 1pm. Yay, I am going to be sore tomorrow! It is now 3pm I just started this method, hope I’m doing it right. On my 3rd pot of boiling water.


  3. caroline
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 10:13:57

    Ive just tried and it worked!!! Im happy now


  4. Chey McDonald
    Jul 26, 2012 @ 15:38:55

    Okay so does the water need to be boiling or just hot tap water? I had been working on for two hrs before my kids got up from their nap. My son admitted to putting wipes down the toilet and now water won’t go down. Was too cute when he said that just not so cute now that it’s clogged.


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