Physical and Fun Activities With Toddlers

Don’t toddlers have an incredible reserve when it comes to their energy supply? I know mine keeps me going from the time she awakes to the time she sleeps. These toddler years though are so important in our child’s development – much too important for us to rely on the TV, computer or video games to keep them entertained… we need to have fun and enjoy many different activities with toddlers to keep them going.

Fun Activities With Toddlers

Make sure that your fun activities with toddlers are just that - fun!

In this article, I am going to focus on fun activities with toddlers that engage the physical aspect of development and in later articles I will focus on mental, emotional and social development.

In these first few years of their lives, toddlers will establish habits and even lifestyle behaviors that they will carry with them into their adult years.

In order to ensure the lifestyle of your toddler will include beneficial routines such as physical exercise, it is necessary to make physical activities with our kids fun.

Here are some wonderful and fun activities that make this high-energy stage a truly enjoyable period in your young one’s life.

5 Physical & Fun Activities With Toddlers

1. Beach Day!
One of our favorites and I’m sure at least fairly high on the list for you too. Sure, we would all love to be able to go to Hawaii for the day, but let’s face it, we are going to have to settle for what is a little more realistic. Fortunately, I live in an area where I can drive to the beach to spend a day, although it usually turns into an overnight stay. If the beach is out of the question for you, I would suggest a park or sports field where your little ones have room to run.

2. Sledding (if you are not at the beach, of course)
Even though going to the beach is “one of our favorites,” I think I would actually have to qualify this as my personal #1 favorite. What better way is there to break up the cold, wet winter than heading up to the mountain for a day in the snow?

Alright, I admit it – these first two suggestions may not make the list of possibilities for everyday activities – but when available to you, take advantage!

3. Chase / Tag
Yes, a classic! It does not seem to matter what time of day it is or what you may think you need to get done, your toddler will always be up for a game of chase. If you get tired of running in a circle around the dinner table you can always turn this into a more sophisticated game … ‘tag.’ Although the exact rules will inevitably be tweaked during game play, tag is always one of the great activities with toddlers that we can do because your toddler gets to run around laughing and screaming while she proves to you that she is in much better shape than you are. Turns out tag is good for the both of you!

4. Go for a walk
Going for a walk sounds like a no-brainer, but they are actually quite enjoyable and should be preformed more often than not. During this low-intensity activity, you will have time to enjoy the outdoors and in Maddie’s case, stop and smell the roses, or dandelions if that is all that is around.

5. Get down to the park
Not to be confused with going to a football, baseball or soccer field, this activity with your toddler would be more focused on the playground. Sounds like a broken limb, I know! As long as you can keep an eye on your toddler, you should be able to escape without any serious injuries and at the same time, one joy-filled kid.

Benefits of these Activities with Toddlers
As mentioned, physical exercise is a great for your toddler to get accustomed to. Physical activities with toddlers are not only good for them now, but they will see the benefits of living an active life well into their adulthood. If you can show your child that exercise is fun, she is more likely to carry on that mindset later in life. Exercise contributes towards the overall development of a healthy mind and body.

Just a few identifiable benefits to living an active lifestyle:

  • controlled weight
  • decreased risk of developing diseases such as Type 2 diabetes (juvenile diabetes)
  • lower  chance of developing high blood pressure and/or cholesterol
  • sleep better, better mood
  • increased oxygen flow to the heart and brain
  • stronger bones and muscles

Of course, these are just a few activities to do with your toddler and only a handful of the benefits. Children will use much of what they learn in their toddler years later on in life. It is important to instill good habits that will benefit them (and you) far beyond their toddler years.

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