5 Fun Summer Adventures Outdoor for the Whole Family

Summer may be nearing its end, but we still have plenty of time to squeeze in any last activities with our kids. Especially if our children are heading back to school, we will want to go have some fun while we still can! If you have older children too here are some activities that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Plan Your Activity Adventures Outdoor

It's time to plan your adventures outdoor while you've still got time!

For now we will focus on summer activities and will wait to talk about what to do in the winter when the time comes.

Here are my top 5 Summer Adventures Outdoor

These are not necessarily mind-blowing “adventures” but I think that’s a good thing! They are practical, fun and enjoyable by all.

1.) Hiking/Camping

Hiking provides fresh air, physical activity, and beautiful scenery. At this time of year you can find all types of berries along the trail and you know what that means – fresh pies, jams and cobblers! We found that even at 3 Maddie really enjoyed being a part of the trekking, picking, and baking. The adventures outdoor with my family and our annual camping trips build most of my childhood memories and can build your children’s too. Being away from the world of electronics and chaos provides you and your family real quality time that your children will appreciate as they grow up.

2.) Field Games

There are many types of field games you can play with your kids that will range from most ages. There is soccer (Maddie’s favorite), football, baseball, volleyball, bad mitten, and although not necessarily a field game, basketball. There is also a game called “grey wolf” that is ideal for the summer twilight hours. For this game you have one grey wolf and the rest are hiders. The grey wolf searches through the bleak lighting for the other players while they taunt him by quiet clues. The basic rules are the same as tag. You hide, you chase, you run into a “safe zone” and if everyone makes it in alive, the game restarts. A fun twist is instead of there only being one wolf at a time, you can choose to keep whoever has been tagged for the next rounds.

3.) Zoo/Petting Zoo/Farm

I don’t think that most of us, even as adults ever grow tired of the wonder of animals we don’t see everyday. Whether it is their beauty, size, or character, we all seem spellbound by at least one animal at the zoo.

Some zoos even provide a petting area of the more common farm animals.

If you don’t have a zoo nearby or don’t want to pay the price that some parks charge, try a local farm or animal recovery center. These are usually free and will still provide you and your children a fun adventure, although maybe not as exotic as a zoo. If you do have the time, you can plan a trip to one of the bigger theme parks that has animals, rides, and all kinds of adventures. Most of these parks will have rides and animal encounters for all ages so check it out and look for coupons and specials!

4.) Water parks

This is another activity you can do for free or with cost if you choose. Many cities provide public parks with water features to cool off on those hot days. Some even have public pools to provide children with summer entertainment. Water parks can be a lot of fun and make for great adventures outdoor. Your kids will love the water park because they all love playing in water — hot or not, kids love water!

5.) Grocery Shopping and Family BBQ

Yes, believe it or not I added this one to the list because I believe it to be true. I really enjoyed helping my mom figure out the weekly menu and your kids might too. It may not work for all kids but most actually do enjoy being a part of this. Although this qualifies for a winter or summer activity, kids seem to really enjoy the summer shopping trips since they can pick out popsicles, ice cream, fresh fruits, juices or sodas and meats to grill on the BBQ. Even at 3 Maddie loves to pick her favorite foods and put the produce in it’s bag and then the shopping cart.

Try including your children in your menu planning, you might be surprised by their enthusiasm!

Even in the fall and winter they will like to help pick out the lunch items they want to take to school or their after school snacks. If you go as an entire family you now have a family outing. With everyone helping make up the menu, you just might find your job a little easier and your family will most-likely eat healthier because they can choose what they like.

Now that you have all gone shopping you can set up for your family BBQ. You can even involve your kids in the preparation of the food. Let them peel corn, setup the appetizers of fresh veggies or mix the healthy dips. Invite extended family like grandparents and cousins and there are bound some stories to talk about – plus, this makes memories and builds a tighter family!

So get out and try some of these adventures outdoor before summer is over and get back to the simple things in life, a little closer to nature, and have a great family day.

Do you have any great activities that would work for a family of all ages you want to share?

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