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Playing Toddler Games Online Can Be A Good Way To Learn

Our kids are much more computer savvy than we were at their age — or even are now.

Remember when we barely knew how to turn the thing on and we were afraid that it would “crash” if we touched it. Well things are very different now. Our kids are even learning on a day to day basis from computers: taking tests, learning to type, and so on.

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What is The Best Ice Cream Brand in Oregon?

What better way is there to end a long work week and head into a hot weekend than with a discussion about ice cream? I think pretty much every kid loves ice cream! Some more than others, but still most do. Maddie is no different. Before she could even speak well, she had honed in(…)

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Tutus for Toddlers – a Nice Site I Found

As mentioned on the about us page, this blog is not just going to post stories and ideas, but also things we find that we think other moms might like to see or know about. Today I am going to share a really awesome site called “The Crafty Moms”. They sell a variety of different(…)

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